Pistles , to be or not to be

I’m getting a bit confused about what I may or may not be doing wrong, all of my plants a within a week of each other of planting, I’m roughly on my 6th week of veg, while some of my plants are producing pistles some are not; and I dont see any indication of males, the plants producing pistles seem to be a bit thinner than the ones that are not.,
So I’m a bit concerned, they all seem to be healthy and really green.

The first 2 plants in the first photo are thicker and bushy but are not producing pistles

Those plants just seem to be displaying more indica dominance. Much like people, plants don’t all sexually mature at the same time.

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I hope that’s the case, there all suppose to be Gorilla Glue,but I’m starting to wonder

GG is indica dominant. But that doesn’t mean all GG plants will display that. They still have nearly 40% sativa in their genes so they can display the sativa traits as well.

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Ok thanks, since this is my first grow I’m a bit nervous.