Pistils won't darken up

I’m on day 93 of ILGM GorillaGlue auto.
The other 3 plants were harvested at 76 days.
The Pistils are Amberish , but only 40%.

Do I harvest just because its been 93days, or wait it out?
Any suggestion?

This. Some plants just mature later than others. Autos in particular can be twitchy.

You need to be looking at the trichomes on the calyx’s after the pistols have turned brown and receded do you have pictures

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This should help you.

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What are your temps ? - they look young , you want them to ripen more 3 weeks maybe 4

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Top looks like it’s foxtailing possibly.


You right I didn’t notice that , it might be foxtail

A pic of the entire plant might help

I left a fan on last week, and burned some leaves.
What is Foxtailing?


Ok slightly concerned about those Lower down buds they look sorta brown and nasty. They should get cut off and inspected for bud rot/mold and if any signs are found some additional cleanup might be needed.

You Can remove those browned up fan leaves too they aren’t doing any help.

Don’t know what else to say other than, yep. Doesn’t look ready. How do the trichomes look under magnification?

Foxtailing is all those little buds growing out of your buds.

You have a light leak or you are severally interrupting the dark cycle.

Kill it and replant

It’s an auto.