Pistils turning brown

Hello Family! Could anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong? I’m in week 3 of flowers and some the pistils are turning brown. The led lights are 18inches from plant. Strain is Cherry pie, they are in 2gallon pots. I feed Advanced Nutrients line. Not all the buds on the plant have this.

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I 2nd uploading a couple pics also how warm is it at the top of youre canopy can you keep you’re hand there comfortably or does it get hot quick and uncomfort?

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Not hot at all it’s 77 temp, and 47 humidity. Some of the lower buds have brown hairs too.

Are the affected buds closest to a fan?

No. I don’t see any hermi indications either. Could it be the strain. Because my gold leaf is doing great. Same everything as the cherry pie.

Then those pistils may just be calling it a day. There will be more to replace them.


Everything looks primarily white still to me it only looks like the tips of some pistils are turning orange but maybe its also from the slight nute burn possibly also looks like you have a bunch of white tips on youre leafs