Pistils turned brown about how much longer


@Astrocreep @Countryboyjvd1971
Just noticed the pistils on the buds turning brown today. Any idea how much longer until harvest?


I’m not either one of them, but how much longer depends on you and what you’re looking for as far as effects from your harvest.

For the energetic high, I want mostly cloudy trichomes. For a goodnight bowl, I go for more amber in them. This will also be dependent on whether it is indica or sativa.


@FloridaSon This is jamaican collie so it is 100% indica. I’ll probably use most of the harvest for vape juice and edibles, so the stronger the better. I have a phone microscope and will be trying to get some shots of the tricomes soon. Do you have a guess how much longer i am looking at i your opinion 2, 4, 6 weeks?


I’m not familiar with that strain, so I don’t know how quickly it finishes. For what you’re looking for, I would guess at least 4 weeks.

Only a wild guess with my lack of information…


Ok thanks. That fits my estimate too. I’m hoping the buds get much bigger and 4 weeks would do the trick. :grin:


Hey bro sorry i am usually take off Sundays
Need one day for the family lol
I usually start watching my tricombes when 60-70 % of the pistols are red or brown
Then i look for all cloudy tricombes the thc is at its peak if you want more of a couch lock you’ll want 20% or more amber in the tricombes @Greenlantern
Ive never grown the strain id say you a few weeks out still bro