Pistils, prune fan leaves

OK guys, here’s some nudie pics of ‘my girls’ :hugs: from the front, back & side. Disregard my wife’s tomatoe plant
I know they’re a little droopy since I haven’t watered today yet. Everyday I pluck a few bigger yellow fan leaves off & that’s all I’m doing for now. The smaller yellow leaves seem to wither away & fall off so I not worried about that
So the consensus seems to be to leave the fan leaves alone? Or if pruning has to be done how much do i take off & where
As always, thanks in advance Growers


@DT I don’t take no more then 30% at a time i feed before or right after to help them alone and take the ones at bud sights and air flow


If they’re yellow and dieing i prune those off. Just to keep the plant healthy.


WPM and bud rot later in flower would be my biggest concern, if your humidity isn’t crazy then it shouldn’t be a problem, defoliate as needed for good air flow through the plant :love_you_gesture:


Not sure what WPM is, except for Words Per Minute which I don’t think counts.
My plants are outside & nearly everyday this summer there’s been significant wind so I’m not worried about the issues you brought up

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WPM…White Powdery Mildew :love_you_gesture:

You still need to be worried about bud rot and mold growing outdoors more so than indoors.
Just be care full after it rains because its not good to get water/moisture on the buds. They already have tons of moisture inside already. If you end up with a couple of very humid days after it rains. I personally would be out there with a heat gun or a hairdryer…LOL…but thats just me… I’m silly, i know… i apologize.


No apologies allowed my man. I appreciate your advice & now have other things on my plants to check for & that’s a good thing :grinning:

Got it :+1: