Pistils...new autoflower grower here

Are these the pistols I hear so much about confirming the sex of the plant?20190506_071157

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Here are what pistols look like. The white hairs are pistols. The white hairs will show up lower on the branches when it is showing sex. Normally one or two at a time.


Not yet. You have a couple more weeks. Look on the branches just above what at first appears to be a flower but actually is a branch. There will be little white curly hairs.

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I agree, don’t see any pistils there yet.

Plant looking a bit off I’m thinking about dumping it, I need some advice

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I wouldn’t you have too much foliage to give up. Let them alone in the light and let them grow. It is a weed. Its entire existence is to struggle and fight to live. It got to this point. You must have some good stuff in the cup for it to survive on. Let it grow and wait until the soil is very dry before you do anything.

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Dont dump it that thing could blow up on u before u know it.

this one grew out so messed up at first now look at it. It even fimmed itself twice. I’m betting before u know it it will be alot bigger.