Pistils never turned but trichomes did

This is unusual but not unheard of and it’s the third time it’s happened over the past couple years. One of the three northern lights autos has a few red hairs here and there but are mostly still white. 70% of the trichs are cloudy, 10% are red and the rest are clear. This is generally where I like to take them. Today marks day 72 and down they go to make way for the new genetics.
image image



Trichs matter not hairs, she’s just as pretty as the rest!

I’ve had a few albinos , more because of stress tho


Anyone else see a trich pic and think to themselves “ I’d lick the dog shit outta that”

Maybe just me


Not just you brother. :grin::v:


Man, that is interesting. By the length of the hairs I would say not ready at all. Your trich pics look like bud pics, but maybe you are catching leaves?

I’m stumped as I would be waiting for the calyxes to swell up around the hairs and engulf them.

For science it could be interesting to harvest half the plant if you have multiple top colas to see if the trichs or hairs are playing ticks on you.

Lets see what @dbrn32 @MattyBear and @Myfriendis410 say.


Pretty plant. I’ve seen it before with others. I would run it out like you would normally and ignore the pistils.

How about an overall shot?


Also depends if it’s a sativa or Indica if it is sativa they usually take 12 to 14 weeks before they’re even close to ready if you go by hairs. It will definitely work the way it is now
( absolutely beautiful ) I would let it keep going if it was mine but it does look great would love to see the whole plant


If you go by hairs and not trichomes you’ll lose potency


I’m not familiar with lineage of N. Lights, but I have also seen this in some sativa plants. It’s like they throw out pistils in rounds then hang out for a while before spitting out a bunch more pistils.

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That’s exactly what has been happening.
@AAA I don’t want to let too many more go amber, also I drove a screw through the stalk 48 hours ago as I’ve done a few times before and even though many say they can’t tell the difference I always do. The colas swell and fall over with crazy amber sap weighting them down.
I did a test with 5 friends separately on my Star dawg every one of them preferred the flower from the one that had a screw through the stalk out of 3 otherwise identical plants. This also usually helps them finish out with taking away an hour of light when I want them done.


Cool, your staking experiment, was it done with clones or different phenos?

I’m not doubting it works but interested in the test and variables.

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Touché. They were all from seed. Next time I’ll do it with clones.

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I’ve got all kinds of experiments I want to try. Just need to get a mother I’m happy with to carry them out!

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