Pistils are amber but tricomes are clear

Hi all,
Need a little help. Have a Granddaddy purple on day 77 that has mostly amber pistils but clear tricomes. Do I wait until I see some amber and cloudy to harvest?
Also, I fimed 2 times which I believe could be the reason it may have not finished yet as this plant should be 7-9 weeks to harvest.This is my 2nd grow and tried fimmimg for the first and was rewarded with 7 huge colas,

Pistils not to judge. Trichomes are to judge. No need to wurry. All is good.

BTW…we really like bud porn here. Hint, Hint, nudge, wink, wink…:yum:

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Exactly what he said, when you start to see some of those trich’s turning amber, you know it’s time to harvest!