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When I used AN Iguana line I was also growing in soil. Yes I did pH everything going in and routinely took runoff numbers.
Since switching to coco I no longer use AN as my primary nutrient. I changed to Jack’s 321 formula.
I still add some AN supplements as long as I am top feeding. Once they go into autopots I discontinue some AN. For example autopot users recommend against using Big Bud and Nirvana. I really like Mother Earth but do not use it in autopots. I will still use Sensizym, Voodoo Juice, Bud Candy, Rhino Skin and Piranha in autopots
I can not say this with absolute certainty but I feel AN’s Ancient Earth (fulvic & humic acid supplement) may raise pH in coco if used for an extended period of time. Therefore, in coco I will add Ancient Earth during early veg only if top feeding.
Many coco growers using Jack’s do not even pH runoff. Obviously if in an autopot I can not test RO but for those plants that I top feed I occasionally check pH & ppm. PH numbers are very stable at 5.8 - 5.9. One plant for some reason dropped to 5.7 on the last check. The strange thing is PPMs cover a wide range. 1200 - 1400 seems to be the norm. However I get an occasional reading of 1600+. Not sure if these high ppm are an anomaly, the plant’s consumption, or due to something else.


I Dont know I could be wrong but I Dont believe hat is how PH scale works.

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Hope that’s not your tap water :rofl:


Nope this is coming from rain water.

I’ve been having Ph issues and I believed it was partly the meter and this would confirm it. I have a new meter arriving today I have been holding off on any run off readings or feedings until then.

Glad the new one is coming for you

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@Underthestairs Yeah took some measurements today and things are going the direction I would expect now.

@beardless - your insight led me to where I believe the problem is. My most recent nutrient is Silica and I believe there is a lockout of this now and it’s made a build up in the coco. I’m planning a flush to confirm this.

As for a general update, I’m going to be pretty slammed the next couple of weeks. I did some quick training in the veg closet not my best work I’ll admit. But opened up the girls and pulled them down.

I have come to the conclusion that working in a closet with this many plants sucks. Currently planning for a 5x5, amazing how you have plenty of space in a home until you need to put a tent that size somewhere.

For the flower tent, Padme and Shia are doing fine, Shia is the champ, Padme I am still working to get her to fill the net.


Well here’s a evening update.

@AfgVet @Low @MadamCalamity @patchman @dbrn32 @Lacewing @DebbieM @Bamamojo

I’ve begun to get the PH back under control, though the girls haven’t shown a bit of concern it appears.

The flower tent got some haircuts yesterday. They already look :eyes: good from it.

Padme is showing some nutrient issues along with still some dark green foliage. I will plan on removing some more next week.


The veg closest is like a forest now. I won’t be doing any more pruning, I believe I’ve stimulated these girls enough at this point.

My two girls for the Lucky :four_leaf_clover: Cannabis Challenge are still working it, slow, but growing.

As a nice surprise recently, one of my Bonsai trees :evergreen_tree: has finally broken soil after its 4 month germination period. This was a nice surprise also I found one of my Bamboo is apparently not giving up. Which is hilarious as that pot had been sitting on my table inside with no water or light. Yet one decided to sprout.


Looks like a jungle!


A lush rain forest jungle!!!


Looking good!


Looking good Soldier!!! Peace…