PiratedSoldier’s Secret Stash!

Welcome to my combined grow journal!

I thought I would throw this one together to be a combined location for all my different plants that I am starting.

I am running a Spider Farmer Tent 2x4 running a SF2000 with two custom flowering lights, with a separate location for seedlings and vegging plants that has a Mars hydro TS1000 on a 18/6 schedule.

The girls starting out in this grow are

  • Jack Herer

  • Casey Jones

  • Granddaddy Purple

  • Cannatonic

  • Wedding Cake

  • Blue Dream

  • California Dream

  • Skywalker OG (Clone, and seedlings)

These will be grown in 7 Gallon AC infinity fabric pots using Advanced Nutrients and COCO (ProMix HP & Fox Farm COCCO)
Apera PC60-Z TDS Meter
CalMag Plus, PH Up & Down, Myco+, CloneX Gel, Advanced Nutrients Trio, and left over Fox Farms Trio and Dry Trio.

This is going to be a perpetual grow with these girls, while this will be a progress and troubleshooting log their main journals will be on the ILGM Journal Site to see their journey’s.


Well as the girls will be getting planted tomorrow I figured I should just throw this together and tag some people who might want to follow along.

@DebbieM @patchman @MadamCalamity @PurpNGold74 @Low @kaptain3d @dbrn32 @Mark0427 @imSICKkid



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I love it. I thought I might be the only one crazy enough to throw twenty different strains into a grow all at once. Okay, I think I’ve got like 8 too, but still.


I think I’ll tag along on this one .
Two years ago, I grew a limited edition strain called ‘Strawberry Eclair’. It was a special breed of Strawberry Cough, Girl Scout Cookies, & Casey Jones! 50/50 Hybrid & 21% THC


How many plants are you planning on flowering at same time?


I’m with @dbrn32 - that 2x4 is no where large enough of a space for all those in veg, much less flower!
I started with 4 and ended with 2 - it’s just not enough space for proper ventilation and if one plant gets a bug or something, ALL of them are gonna get it!
You might could get a decent weight with 3 plants and extreme pruning.
I’m flipping to flower in 2 days and already plan on doing one plant, under a true scrog and filling the entire footprint with bud in my next run.

Good Luck though!! And I’ll be checking in!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

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That’s a lot of plants for the tent size you have. I am not going to tell you not to do it, because I never tell anyone how they should grow unless they ask me. I will follow along for sure! Peace…

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I’m in. How many r u planning on doing at once in that 2x4. I got 7 clones in 1gallons and that’s alot 7 gallon pots I’ll get I’d say 3 tops and that’s gonna be a tight fit lol. I’d also run only 1or 2 types at first so u can see how different each plant acts towards the nutes u r giving. Some will accept the same doses as others and some won’t be so happy with the same. Diff strains all together makes for a major headache and alot of notes.

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2 in the tent.

My plan for this will be to have two veg locations (Sativa - Indica), then transition two plants in when they are where I want them after training. If it looks like any girl needs to flip sooner I can get another light and make another flower tent.


That sounds like a good plan sir. I think I would start pricing the light you will likely need to get, lol.

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Luckily I am pretty good at keeping track of my process, initially this was going to be 4 strains in seedling, and two in clone, but with Pacific sending me a 5th strain I had to change it a bit.

@Low indicated he struggled with Sativa in the 7 gallon’s so I am planning to keep them in my existing 5 gallons and only run the Indica dominants in the 7 gallons.

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This will change depending on the girls but I am planning to get Jack Herer and Casey Jones into the flower tent first. This morning I noticed that Jack Herer already has a tap root coming out so I have strong faith in that seed.


Vegging the blue dream 7 weeks in a 7 gal pots was crazy, and had to upgrade to a taller tent to house it and keep appropriate light levels. It was a PITA. Light levels often exceeded 80 dli upon adjustments. Skywalker on the other hand in 7 gal pots for 9 weeks(if I remember right) was very easy as I think it’s naturally a bushy plant, but that could also be attributed to the intense light I was hitting them with. Both strains received a lot of training.

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See and that raises concerns for me.

Those lights I added as an experiment, well they work quite well it seems. I can visibly see where my Blue Dream and Skywalker both stretched and have nice large colas forming directly under them. Then as you move to the middle of the plants there is like a good 4-8” difference in height.

I’ll plan to get a good photo today showing it.

But it does confirm they like the spectrum I’m hitting them with, the problem is those lights are not cheap and really aren’t for this so they are bulky with extra control features and a case design not ideal for this. But hey it’s working!

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Well I’m glad your playing with it all none the less. It is fun. Without some sort of struggle it might get boring. LOL.

Idk how much you’ve read in the log im keeping but… here’s a little visual.

July 7

July 30

August 13

At this point I had to get the taller tent and screen again… crushing them down, bending, and breaking… Now they are a round 5’ if I wouldn’t of taken the measures they would probably be closer to 7’. They are still slowly stretching while flowering and it’s a tight fit.


Yeah Ash is like 1” away from the UV light I put in, she just kept going even after I topped her a 3rd time to slow her down.

My thought was with a 7gallon I could bush them out more, but sounds like you still had more stretch, I’m rocking a 6’ tent but if I have girls going that high I would need to grow out of a tent on just a pallet.

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@Low Btw, what are the bases for your plants? I’m trying to find something similar for the 7 gallon pots I got but all I find locally are drain pans not any stand.

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You can also get them at growers house. The shipping from there makes it about the same cost as Amazon though. If you have hydro stores around you look there. I recently found them for a few dollars locally.

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@Low Yeah, Amazon rips you off on the price . I go to the hydro store here, and pay $2.95 for the 13 inch. Amazon gets another $10.00 for the exact same thing!