Pipes, bongs and things



The fruits of your labor boss! @SourD… Looks like high resin from pic… Sticky icky !!


Just picked up this bad Larry! It hits smooth and with a punch. Dang!


Ah man that thing looks bad ass


It hits like one. Haha


Actually I’ve been curing my fruits for two weeks and will have fresh test run tomorrow for first time.
I like smoking out of the raw cones above


More Humidors

So I’ve been agonizing over whether or not to budget for a couple more pottery humidors. Mrs WillD thinks they’re a worthwhile investment to protect my investment and maintain the quality of the herb. I’ve got a couple more in my sights but still struggle to justify the cost.


those are all beauties @Willd How much do they hold on average?


I never have stuffed them full but they can easily hold an OZ and a 60gm Boveda pack. I usually grab as big a handful as I can out of the bucket to refill and each lasts for a couple months since I have 2 of them currently. They’re about 6" dia at the widest point and about 3" deep.

Seeing as how 1 of those humidors out of those pictures above can range from 15-20 to 99. I’m thinking about mounting some of these in a cabinet down cellar now that I’ve been looking at other options. They aren’t nearly as decorative or stylish by any means though so maybe not. I have simple tastes. I prefer the best of everything!

It says keeps fresh for 45 days but I’ll bet with a 8gm boveda pack or 2 in each tube it would be fine for a year+
I’d really like something like a penny candy store setup in a counter-top trunk or something but it’s impossible to get truly airtight containers of that style.


Those are interesting too @Willd I like the old humidors for the obvious (historical) reasons but that setup looks pretty cool too.

Let me know if you decide to go with those dispensers I’d be interested to see if they get the job done!


I might try one. couldn’t hurt. I’m going to spend money on storage one way or another with so many different strains.
I really prefer the stylish pottery, stoneware and ceramic ones though too. Mrs WillD does too. Gotta love that woman!


I envision the humidors as more of the “weigh station” between the bucket/ mason jar and the grinder! Trouble is with so many different strains. How do they do with the smell? My wife is adamant that the house doesn’t smell like weed!


No smell. A rubber gasket around the lid ensures a 100% airtight and smell proof seal. It’s the same size as a kitchen sink drain washer if you ever need to replace one. The ones where the center of the locking spider goes through the lid have a rubber washer as well. I replaced the seal and washer on one of them with parts from Aubuchon before I used it, but the other was in perfect condition.


I really love pic 4 and 5. Wouldn’t there be an issue with the opacity of those dispensers @Willd , with light exposure? I really like those humidors though.


The second, fourth, and fifth are my faves. I would mount the dispense thing inside a cabinet in my cellar where it would be in complete darkness I opened the cabinet. The whimsy of the plastic dispensers has already passed and I’m going to stick with the artistry of the ceramic, stoneware, and pottery pieces and just catch as catch can while I still have quite a few more paydays before my crop is all harvested & cured and ready to occupy the various humidors I plan on acquiring to have several different strains on hand upstairs.


An episode of Bong Appétit had one of the original guys making Thai stick. Basically it was under cured bud tied on to bamboo skewers.


Wasn’t it sometimes coated with some kief while it was still really sticky and then coated with some hash oil? I know a couple of times I got some that had been rolled in opium.so sweet and trippy. They were all kick arse though!! @Myfriendis410


@Willd, how much do they hold , and I’m sure you have stated it before.


Entirely possible but this guy was just doing bud.


Junior has a birthday coming up and being the responsible father that I am…haha!..I’d like to get him and his wife away from joints and bongs and other smoke producing devices and into vapeing. They tried a vape pen at a party and really liked it. So…any recommendations for a good dry (they can’t get oil where they live) portable vape pen? Thanks for any suggestions!:v: