Pipes, bongs and things


My newest old school toys


Spliff is the name


I have that same battery. What is the tank you’re using?


Smokin’ is your game?


Gotta say, that looks a hell of a lot better than the way we used to do power hits. Eating ash and burning tongs. @Willd


I"m not sure how old this is but I’ve had it for almost 40 years now. I’ve used it for storing my pipe screens for years. I sure wish the original papers were still in there. It belonged to my wife’s side which are true Greeks. I also have a very old bottle of Greek Brandy.

Here’s the Brandy


It’s funny with all your paraphenelia I notice the takamine guitar case lol…


That’s a nice guitar. Definitely tour worthy. Thing about it was they wanted $2,800 for it which was out of my range. Took me six months of going back and forth while my kid was taking lessons with one of their instructors before they dropped it by half. I finally told them they were not selling (they had six more but only this one was “sweet”) and I would take it for what they paid. Got it for $600.


Vintage Tobacco Humidors

Some on eBay. eBay links are not permitted so here’s some pics of what’s currently available searching for “tobacco humidor” They range in price from cheap to affordable to ridiculous.

I included the style I like (pottery with a locking top). Not crazy about all the designs here, but to each their own ya know.

I have a couple of simple versions of these and really love them. If you’ve never seen one up close, they’re bigger than they look.


I really like those.

Especially the Moose one…headed to ----------> bay of e

*update: But I don’t like it enough to pay that for it lol $47.77


Can you use those for keeping an on hand supply of herb available? @Willd


Yeah @bob31, I do. Sour D in one and Bubba Kush in the other. @Screwauger I don’t recall what I paid for mine but I think between the two of them was about $65. There’s a nice black one for 35 just needs new rubber. A standard red rubber sink drain gasket works on those Comoy’s on London ones.


I’m gonna keep my eyes open. An interesting part of history that I would like to keep alive! @Screwauger @Willd


I spent a good forty minutes looking at them this morning and placed a few on my watch list. Gonna have one of those!!!


So back in the 70’s when I lived in Cali we would get some great stuff called Thai stick, That was kick butt, take no names, smoke in my opinion. What ever happened to Thai Stick anyway? By the time I ever smoked again from 86-87 I never heard anyone talk about it. What exactly was it. I thought buds covered in some kinda processed resin or something.


watch the shipping charges. A couple that I looked at had really high shipping charges, so double check that!


Has anyone had a glass piece fixed? They must be able to heat up the cracked areas or a clean break and stick it back together, right…or no way?
I bought this years ago and I really liked it. Reminds me of a snake that just ate-apparently 5 consecutive small meals haha.

It tapped the edge of an iron sink and the the bowl cracked off. (I just have it together for the photo) Nice clean break. It’d be awesome if I could get it fixed. In my opinion it made any smoke super smooth by the time it bubbled through the five chambers. It’s also the most I’ve ever spent, and probably ever will spend on a bubbler… I was so sad when I broke it…“I didn’t just do that!..ugh!” lol. Also, I moved about four years ago and this must have been in a box that wasn’t treated nicely…so there’s some cracks around it too. I would thing the cracks would be way easier to fix by reheating.


I remember Thai stick. It was brought in by returning vets and refugees from Vietnam Nam. Each village had a specific way they tied the buds to the stem for easier transport. They stripped the stems for the strings and wrapped the whole bud up.


Buddha Thai!!! Chocalte Thai!!! Bringing me back to the 80’s.
I remember growing up in the inner city and kids on the corner would make a “T” symbol with there hands to signal that they got that “Thai stick”


I smoked so much Thai stick from 77-79 when I lived in Cali. It was some “kick butt and take no names” stuff. We would party all night on it. Sure wish there was still some of that around but on the other hand, maybe there is and I just don’t really hang around people who smoke any more. Great stuff, that Thai stick!!!