Pipes, bongs and things


##Power Hitter
Is what they used to call this one.

You stick a joint in the mouthpiece and light it. Screw it back on. Then you cover the vent hole with your thumb and squeeze to make a nice thick shotgun. Take your thumb off the vent while you release your squeeze to keep the joint lit and squeeze again.
Like so…

Yes! Massive nose hits that go right to your head!
I had a little side biz making a version of these out of old chem squeeze bottles and used glass eye droppers I would get from work. I’d grind the skinny end off the eye dropper using diamond grinding wheels I had access to there. I have to modify my filter a tad to make it fit in the stem of this. I tried to use my tubing flange tool on it but it didn’t do anything. I would like to replace the stock stem with something of a larger diameter.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

My new toy!! Happy 420


Is that an herb vape?


Some sort of vape. What ya got there @Smokin_ernie ?


@Hawkeye_diesel @bob31

It is a dry herb vape! Works great. Only used it twice and the taste is great. Really brings out the flavor. The weird thing is it feels like you are just sucking through a straw. It seems to give the high a slight delay and then bang it is on. So far I give it a :+1: I will have to do more testing!


Let us know how it goes


Will do. Other thing is it gives off about no smell.


I have a gpro bud vape I’ve been using and same thing. Pretty cool. I recently got a liquid vape and I actually like it better.


What is that vape called? Thinking about getting one and that seems nice from what you said it looks clean.


I also have the gpro,and enjoy it .


Cool, I made something similar out of an old glue roller. It would knock your socks off! Bet that thing does the same!


Ascent de Vinci


That is badass bro!


It hits like a dream too


Guess I’m old-fashioned


I call this a [poll type=regular]
  • joint
  • bone
  • fattie
  • number
  • doobie
  • jibbah
  • other


come on brother, thats a doobie @willd lmao lol


Where is all of the above???


Roll some good cones with those big raws brother haha


I was going to write in inner tube.