Pipes, bongs and things


that’s pretty cool! Old lady just got a Kandypens Evape 2 dry herbal vape. Works pretty good, but i like my bubblers better. Just got a nice new one the other day.


Bongs are just out of my league. I would probably blow out another disc in my C-spine from the coughing fit a bong would cause me.
I roll joints with mini size cellulose papers in a king size roller with RAW perforated filter tips cut lengthwise in thirds to get 3 filters out of one. I use a little glass pipe for bubble hash. I use a Volcano when there are clothes drying on racks by the wood stove or when Mrs. WillD is getting ready for work so her srubs don’t reek of MJ.


So I finally did it. I bought a new bong. It’s a king tornado and honeycomb mix water pipe.
85 bucks, still.didnt like the price, but I think I’m gonna be most satisfied with it. I can’t wait till it gets here an I put it to use.


Nice, hawkeye! Mr. H. has a bong on the way too. He ordered it two or three weeks ago, and it isn’t due to arrive for another month! (It’s on a slow boat from China, literally, lol!)

Hey, since we are on the subject, (I can’t find any information about this, I’ve looked) how many of you reclaim the resins from your bong? And how often do you clean it? And not just changing the water-- actually give it a thorough, return-to-factory-settings-brand-new-out-of-the-package-sparkling clean? Is there such a thing as “seasoning” your bong, like cast iron? I know someone who shall remain anonymous (okay, it was Mr. Herbalist) who was furious when I gave the bong we currently use a good, thorough scrubbing. It was spotless, lol. Then Mr. H. saw it, he was trying to explain to me about how I had just removed what he referred to as “the cure,” the “flavors that had built up over time,” the “cultures.” Finally I figured out he was talking about “seasoning” as if we were talking about cast iron. (Which is funny, because I always wash our cast iron pans thoroughly, then re-apply fresh oil before putting away). He eventually settled down, and admitted it was kind of nice to smoke out of a clean bong, lol. But he insists I give him a chance to reclaim all the resins before I scrub it again. Can’t waste a single psychoactive molecule… I get it… Hopefully, once we are constantly harvesting, I can get him into an “abundance mindset,” and he won’t feel the need to do that anymore.

Sorry to hijack your thread, @Hawkeye_diesel.


I I only reclaim the resin once in a blue moon I’ll clean my bong about every couple.weeks depending on how much I use it. I take out the stem so no to contaminate the resin with water or anything then put clean water back in. I’m gonna try this stuff someone on here mentions for cleaning, I think agent oragne, or somethin. The resin is nasty and soesnt taste or smell good at all, but it will do the trick haha


I was just looking into an old school tobacco pipe. How do you like it? Is it easy to clean?


I still haven’t had the pleasure of bein able to pop it’s cherry yet. On Monday it’ll have its first bowl. It’s supposed to have a built in screen under the bowl to make cleaning easier and not let debris through, we’ll see


Please let me know how it goes.


Believe you me, y’all will be the first ones to know


I like mine cleaned everytime it gets used cause otherwise it gets to spetic for me. i want to get one of thos dry vape thingys only i have no idea what is a good one and what isnt


your calabash Sherlock Holmes pipe will need cleaning every use…especially when your ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA harvests start happening regularly😉


Oh I know it. I can’t wait. I have a bunch of screens that I use to help keep down the cleaning


The best and most fun way to learn to roll is having a long session where the goal is to get better at rolling. So set aside a couple of hours with a lot of herb and practice :slight_smile: @Hawkeye_diesel


Eh, I have a cone artist. So I’ll let it do my rollin for me haha. Maybe one day I’ll sit down, stoned and try to figure it out


The ones we can get here and are good are called greenco science herbal vaporizer. I’ll see if can put a pic up a little later, @deb1… As for cleaning mine is cleaned twice a day ,and that is crystal clear and cleaned.,otherwise I can’t smoke out of it.


I have the grenco science g-pro herb vaporizer. @deb1 @coltfire and I love it. Been using it for 2 months with no issues. Very easy to clean and maintain.

I’m saving the abv and I’m gonna either make it into vape juice using farm to vape or an rso type of extract. I also bought the gpen liquid vape to keep my options open!


So I think I have finally mastered smokin out if the new bong after each time, if you kind of rock it back an forth it’ll rest through water level for an incredibly smooth hit each time and it will keep the very inside just lit enough you can just hit it and not need a relight after with a little hands in with it


Update, you can easily clear a whole nice big bowl if you hit the bong slow and steady and if the water is just right level it smokes like a dream


I broke my bong,was cleaning it and dropped the glass cone, now have a two weeks wait for new one to arrive ,but have also order new bong and a pipe.


I know you don’t like the water ones but this one is amazing brother. If done properly watwr never comes close and it cool down the smoke and it’s so good. Haha