Pipes, bongs and things


Yes @Hawkeye_diesel but you still get debris. Those little stock fall out but only filter big debris. I forget to get screens also. Think about how tightly rolled a joint is, now think about how open and free a bowl is, now think about how a bubbler/bong works. Even if you don’t realize it the pipe has the most debris flowing to your lungs.


No honestly I’ve never inhaled any debris in any of the pipe or joints. The jacks I was talking about don’t let anything by.


I never have either or should I say at least I haven’t felt any debris. I know it’s there.


If you don’t feel it like little pieces on your mouth, then you’re not gettin any, trust me. If you did you would feel like bits of the bud in your mouth


I’ve smoked from a pipe for over 40 years so I must be full of debris. My wife would say I’m full of something else.


Papers still the best.


I’ve only been smoking for 25 years (since I was 15) how about you guys? My bong has debris in it so unfortunately the pipe isn’t as revealing with evidence given it’s in our lungs lol.


There is no debris. If you don’t feel pieces in your and down your esophagus after you take a hit then there is no bebris inside you or your lungs. What makes you think this?


Just the physics of the device. Have a different definition of debris? It seems like it. I’m talking about anything that is not smoke any actual particles. I think you are referring to things you can feel which would be different.
The lack of filtering means there is debris or should I say minimal filtering.
There is debris with a bong as well but a lot less


I guess we’ll agree to disagree brother? Take it easy and have a good weekend


Thanks you too. It’s not really a big deal to me either way. Next time we can discuss whether pipes contribute more to the burning off of cilia in your esophagus than bongs and joints.


My wife would agree with that assessment of me as well!


Debris in the air is what killed the aliens in War Of the Worlds so it can’t be all that bad.


Buddabbox came today, got a new pipe that will be taken on the Mountain retreat with me along with my sherlock, and my dugout one hitter. Some pre-rolled cones will also make an appearance

The two on top are pre-rolled cones


@Hawkeye_diesel so I gather ,the pre-rolled are like joints , ,without the paper , and you just fill it up .


It is a joint, it’s just missing the bud


Ok ,but if its all ready rolled , does that mean you have to stuff it ,instead of rolling it and if so is that not harder .


No its easier. I also have something called a cone artist. I’ll post a picture of it. It is a genius tool, because I can’t and have never been able to roll a joint or blunt. @Coltfire
Once you make a cone(kind of like a filter), you use the orange stick to help make the shape of the joint then you lick it and it make a joint, then you insert the other part thay looks like a box inside the joint and you fill the box and pack it in keep doin that to fill the joinr. Does that make sense?

How to use a cone artist

Insert a pre rolled cone on far side

Wrap paper around cone and artist

Then carefully remove paper and cone from the artist. Insert the open end the box inside the paper fill the box and gently pack/push the bud down inside the joint till it’s full then remove and you’ve got yourself a joint


I only ask as the wife will only smoke joints/ blunts and Im not around to roll all the time


Think i may go on a hunt for somethin like this @Hawkeye_diesel