Pipes, bongs and things


I’ve always wanted an actual table top vaporizer. I will have one some day. Just walk about my house with the bag of goodness haha


after I use the vaporizer, if I smoke a bong too soon…the bong hit tastes like burnt herb.

a fresh hit covers your throat with resin, not chars


Twice a day it has to be cleaned , and that is a full scrub down so its crystal clear .


thought I would put up a pic of my little bong, I smoke it dry and always have smoked dry bongs or a pipe…



why do you smoke it dry?


I always have ,its better for you ,you’re not sucking up bits of water that goes straight to the lungs


weirdest smoking implement. The tootsie roll bank pipe. We took one of the old tootsie roll banks, put a piece of automotive tubing on it, and cut a hole in the top and put a piece of perforated foil in it. Carb was a hole in the metal end of the tube. Good times, lol!


A recent purchase and it just feels so good in your hands.


I have a double honeycomb​ and to be honest I miss my 9 arm perc​ tree. My preference


I do to know what the honeycomb or percs mean. I am pretty old school when it comes to smokin implements. I have a 8 inch water bong, and various other pipes and glass blunt. I have no idea what dabbing is or shatter or wax, never used them. I just like smooth tokes and hard hitters. Haha


In the pic you shared, the honeycomb is the 3 disc in the center


Im with you here @Hawkeye_diesel, i have no idea either


Oh ok, I still don’t really know the different between that and a regular water bong. I just read the reviews. I settled on a new wooden pipe instead


after spending the better part of the last decade or so just hitting off a one-hit bat, i decided to step up and buy a toy for the upcoming harvest…

well, at 50+ old, my eye’s where bigger than my lungs!!! :laughing:

i bought a young mans bong in a

takes too much to get going these days… gonna buy another at about 1/2 the lung volume, lol…


That’s why I like mine so much, its little and takes little lungs, lol


Think I have enough smoking implements y’all? Haha


@Hawkeye_diesel, mate many many years ago I use to collect bong’s , had around the 100 mark, I got raided one day and they asked where it all was ,well I told them , but when they opened the cupboard and seen all the bongs , the spun right out , I turned around and said you can only charge me for these two as don’t smoke out of others as I collect them , well they didn’t charge me for any implement’s , and when we got to the police station , they took me into their lunch room and showed me ,there collection ,which was all around the ledge of the ceiling , and that lunch room stunk of fresh smoked pot, this was back in the 80s


Here’s a blast from the past. I’ve had this pipe for probably 40 years or so. I’d like to see all the pot that was smoked from it.


I don’t like bowls because of the debris. I would rather a bong or something with water that filters the debris. A jointbtonme tastes bad (the paper that is) so unfortunately I would like some extra flavor like a fronto leaf or some backwood or at least some grabba mixed in the joint but those are all tobacco products and I am trying to stay away from them so it’s mainly bongs for me but who knows I’m on my first grow and may roll a big head spliff !


I never get any debris in my pipes. They have stuff you can. Put at the opening of the bowl to prevent stuff from falling in it. They look like little glass jacks