Pipes, bongs and things


I play Bocce online trying to stay limber for bocce down the beach in a few months LOL

I have two pipes, nothing special one’s a Hash Pipe I use all the time and one’s a carburetor that I smoke weed out of once in a blue moon


Forgot had this vape. It works great and the avb is useable which I just found out. May have to start using a bit more.


KISS Keep it simple…

My G Pro Bud vape loaded with some of the finest Sour Kush available in MA

ABV Stash and grinder.


What is the weirdest smoking implement you ever home invented?

We made a huge water pipe out of a gallon milk jug and an angel bowl. Cops looked right at it but just looked like a jug of water to them. :metal:


When I was in college we made a hookah out of a 5 gallon water jug. Just drilled holes for tubing and used a cork and tuba mouth piece for the bowl. A bowl full would get 7 or 8 people stoned.


Made a four person pumpkin hooka called it madam bong. Carved the insides out added four equal length of tubing and some kind of pipe and painted face on it.


Made a bong out of an apple,straw and coke can


Had the dugouts 30+ years the big one anyhow small one about five years the bong 25+ years in the little glass pipe with that and broke off I bought in Denver going through Yellowstone

and for the record I still have the original brass batt


I’m thinkin about adding this to my smoking implements collection


we have a little 420 bubbler from amazon that is nice for smoking a few pinches of the good stuff, and i have an old English estate pipe that we use as a bowl. I just retired the Dr. Grabow savoy. That pipe smoked tobacco with me in the deserts of Iraq and the National Training Center in the early 2000’s, and since then has been my bowl of choice, but it was finally getting worn out, lol!


Haha good ole NTC lmao


dude i got stationed there twice, lol! First, as Opfor as a jr. enlisted and a sergeant, and then after a tour in Iraq, i was a Senior NCO so i went to Ops Groups as an Observer/Controller. Good times, lol!


Haha I was there for training in late 2011 early 2012 before Afghanistan deployment in may 2012


my last ride as Cobra 17E was the June 06 rotation. I pcs’ed to Hood and retired in 09


Cool, thank you for your service brother


My new cbd vape. Eleaf istick 30w


Have a question ,who else here has calluses on the in side of their little finger or ring finger from using the lighter to light the bong.


lol, I have lighter fluid on order all the time thru Amazon prime

my question is who else has to clean their pipe/bong/vaporizer more often because of all the heavy burnt resin build up since coming to this forum?


I just bought this pipe off amazon. I can’t wait to smoke some good herb out of it


I have one of these, it’s about three years old…and fresh, resin covered mmj is so good in it… I haven’t used it much lately, but now that I have a fresh harvest It’s getting used.