Pipes, bongs and things


I have 6 glass pipes, two home made oak “Hobbit” pipes, a mearchaum pipe, a glass bong, a hooka, a brass chamber pipe. They sell glass pipes everywhere here now for under $10.

I miss my Toker II


Couldn’t resist.


Sweet collection!!


My collection. 6 pipes, 6 bubblers, 4 bongs and my mini dabber.


nice collection as well.


PS3 controller?


I use a bubbler…


Sweet been wanting something like that for a while now.


I love it. Double chambered. Works great.


Yup. Had it a long time.


Doing some gaming now. Divinity: Original Sin


I have a never ending game of Skyrim going.


Never played that. I spent many hours playing World of Warcraft. Got burnt out so I jumped back to PlayStation. The Last of Us was really good!


My youngest son played Everquest years ago. Then he got interested in a other few big games, settled on World of Warcraft, and played that.

I had played the Warcraft games from their beginning, and Starcraft, then I tried World of Warcraft and played 10 years. I thought I had quit, but the last expansion came out and my grandson got interested so I started playing again, but not as neurotically. I play a few hours here and there.

My plants are my hobby now…and so much better than spending too much time playing computer games and accumulating computer code goodies that have no real value and nothing to do with real life.


I played EQ for six years then WOW for four more. Couldn’t keep up with the hardware needs and never ending expansions at $60 bucks a pop. Got two 85 chars still in a Wow account if I wanted to wake em up.


yes, hardware, video cards got too expensive to keep upgrading, especially with a more worthy place to spend my few available dollars…a grow tent, lights, fans, humidifier, seeds and nutrients.

I got a used Radeon R290 a few years back and it was great until the last expansion for WoW…now things are okay for solo play, but the screen froze last time there were 40+ people on killing a big boss and things stutter along in big towns



I rebuilt my old pre-Dell Alienware to keep up with WoW. Intel i7, dual Sapphire Radeon NITRO R9 380 4GB video cards and a gaming motherboard. Still can’t play WoW on setting 10, runs best at 7.


That looks FRIGHTENING! After one hit I could imagine it turning around and saying, “You’ve been terminated!” “Yeah, no kidding, dude. Got a donut or sumpin’?”


Those are some crazy looking bubblers! I just got a cheapo from the head shop. Works great though. Have had my glass pipe for over 12 years and went through about 10 different ones that the bowl blowd out or would break while cleaning or got hard up and broke the get the resin hidden in the corners. When I went to the head shop and bought the pipe I told the guy selling them that I had trouble breaking them. He drug out this one and dropped it on the floor and said if this one breaks bring it back and he’d replace it for free. But after 12 years I think I got my money’s worth out of it.

lol a true head always has a piece of glass!


My collection

The seed is a table grip so nothing slides. I have quite a few of them. They come in handy