Pipes, bongs and things

This my latest, I smashed 3 bongs in 2 weeks, so had to buy a new one.


Let me show you my new bong. This is the best-looking bong I have used so far. Its mushroom head is very sexy.

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cool ,very good

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I feel so underbonged here…all I have is a standard 10” graphix :frowning:

Part of being on an island that sucks, I have to order everything and no one seems to want to mail stuff here :frowning:

puffco dab rig. My favorite I also have a g pen connect to hook on my bongs.

Stoners freaking havoc very nice!

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Thank you! The ash catcher is no more,the little one beside the big one is no more as well but i still got the big rig!

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