Pipes, bongs and things



love it. you should cross post here;


I just spit my tea out laughing, fargin hilarious @blackthumbbetty


Here ya go @daz49


Thanks brother I’ll have to add my own little pipes,I’ve had loads over the years but only a few left but I got a shredder not to long ago


What’s up this a selection of mine.

Got a couple vapes as well. Which I haven’t used in a long time not sure why that is.


Nice selection bro,the shredder is pretty smooth as long as its kept clean butter gets oily quickly and I have another bubbly but just a little 1 oh no 2 actually but nothing special


Been feeling blah lately so went to the smoke shop and left with these two beauties and a smile.


When my son was preparing to move out, I grabbed his hamper to put a load in the washer and I found this bong at the bottom of the basket…

He said ‘just throw it away, I don’t need it anymore’ :astonished: So I claimed it instead :smiley:


I like that hammer pipe. I almost went with the hammer bubbler instead of the beaker I got. Lol guess I’ll go get it next time lol.


I am loving the bubbler. Hits really good but smooth with water. I have been contemplating getting one for a while and I finally said heck with it.


Forgot to add my new little percolator.


Storm e-nail/bubbler from thekindpen


do we need to turbo charge that bad boy for nose hits…?.lol


This came with a keif tumbler I picked up

All a silicone jar for storing the harvested keif.
They obviously don’t know who they are dealing with here.


Lmao too funny


Just picked up some new glass for my lady.


Got my new vape! No fuss super easy no buttons just draw on it and bam you got vape.