Pipes, bongs and things


I likes to use those for smokin’ me Old Toby, a nice Southfarthing pipe weed, named after my great grand-uncle Tobold Hornblower.


Actually surprised that no one has latched on to that ‘genre’ of strain names. I’d like to grow me a little Longbottom Leaf :wink:


Longbottom leaf sounds like it would knock your socks off. :joy:


Hobbits don’t wear socks… duh.


Sorry not sure what I was thinking of course they don’t. It could have been because I was smoking out of it this morning.


I just got the last one of these :wink: takes a 14mm bowl of your choosing :wink:


Sweet! Just love it. I got mine at the local hydro shop for 20$ couldn’t go wrong. It caught the corner of my eye and was like got to have it.


Doesn’t look like this has a carb, but the bowl just pops in. One of those smojo screens in it that won’t fall out and you’re set.


One old wooden pipe I hand carved from a piece of birdseye maple [ 20 years old at least } and the new glass Grav .


I don’t think I saw any hemostats in any posts. Joint smokers essential.

The joint is pretty difficult to beat from a portability perspective.


You mean you don’t have the roach clip on a leather strip with beads and feathers and tassels? :wink:


I have two pair myself…handy tool!!! :sunglasses:


I keep an extra pair in my tackle box. You know you’ll need one there one way or the other.


Here’s my go to clip that was made for me over 40 years ago. The old timer who made it for me was born in 1888 and was probably about 88 when he made it. His grandson was my friend as to how I met him and after he made it he asked what it was for. We told him it was for holding little hot things. He said Oh. lol We went right down in the cellar and tried it out. I lost contact with my friend who turned to alcohol and when I got married we went in different directions. Not to long ago a mutual friend happened to see him so a picture was taken. He lives way up in Maine and smokes some really good Maine Home grown. I’ll bet the story of his life would be amazing.
Here’s the clip

Here’s a picture of my friend back in the mid 70’s and then in 2015 or so.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

That was a nice story & pics! Thanks!


@Willd This is the correct way to be using the Hemo’s. I was watching Halloween II and he clearly shows the correct way it should be used. lol


Wrong! Unsafe!!!

If you start coughing you might squeeze the fingers together and un-hook it. Then your stoned, coughing, eyes-watering ass is looking under the table for the roach :slight_smile:


Lol that sounds an awful lot like first hand experience!? Lol


You want old school? Beat this (circa 1978)

And the guy you bought quantity from had the triple-beam scale :wink:


I think what you refer to as a triple beam is actually called a Coke scale.:joy_cat::flushed::face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: