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happy slappy @FreakyDeekie


Happy Belated birthday to you too @Nug-bug and thanks @BIGE The prices of this glass stuff sure has gone up though since I bought my last glass piece maybe 30 years ago @Smokin_ernie :slight_smile:


Awesome lil pipe


Sorry i missed your Bday, hope it was awesome


I bought a bong last week. Actually the first time I have ever bought a bong… it looks like a chem lab beaker in shape… It has a water chamber below then another one up high with a “percolator”?.. it hits really easy because it isnt very big…that double water filtration sure does produce a smooth hit. Might be the first time I have ever taken a bong hit and not hacked afterwards, lol…
sweet investment for $20


Nice. Enjoy your purchase. I’m using my old one as we speak


@Oak any chance of a pic?


Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place but forum wouldn’t let me post new topic. I have noticed that the glass pipes I’ve received the last couple of years are harder to clean than the older surviving glass pipes that I have in my collection. The resin sticks to the new pipes even though I soak them in a mixture of warm water & baking soda for a couple of days. With the old pipes I just take a qtip and the resin comes right off after soaking. Am I doing something wrong? Are there different qualities in regards to glass? Would appreciate any input.


You can get something called 420 cleaner or something like that or use course salt and rubbing alcohol. The salt helps break up the build up. I soak mine in rubbing alcohol for a few hours and the rinse with hot water from the tap. Repeat if necessary. As to different types of glass I have no idea.


Ammonia works well…it’s one of the ingredients in Formula 420 according to their MDS record


When these get gross I just make a new one


OK so I’m on a roll. Here is the Dream made by thekindpen


Nice. I want one.
I mainly use a Magic Flight Launch Box or an Arizer Air. They are both for heating the herb up to levels between 350 degrees F and 420 degrees F. Depending one what you want out of the weed.


Awesome videos! Is that your music :musical_score: playing?


It is my own music in the background

Here’s my playlist