Pipes, bongs and things


Whew! Thank goodness :sweat_smile:. I have dabbled with deer antler and I wear Kevlar gloves also. I also do it in well ventilated areas. What a stink!!! But the end results are worth it :+1:.


I’m happy to enlighten you and others :smiley:. Since I’m learning from you about growing it’s the least I can do.
I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry in the past with antlers but never a pipe. Might be time to dust off my Dremel!


When I saw him carving that pipe I was thinking, wow, what a stink that must be! Having worked in orthopedic surgery for a summer that horrid smell of bone being cut by a high speed saw is extremely nauseating. I didn’t think about there being anything to wear a breather about though. Thanks @SmoknGranny :green_heart: :seedling:


You’re welcome :wink:. I did a lot of research and asking questions before I did anything working with antlers. I’m no pro but I darn sure listened to some!
Now I’m going through the same steps re: growing :grin: (And I thought power carving tools were expensive!)


Yes sir I just did a quick to the point pipe no carving or intricate work.
I started on a joint holder today ,making it out of one of the points.
Should keep me from burning my fangaz


Please post a pic :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m gonna cut it somewhere close to the curve so that most of it is straight and come from the other side with a 1/8 in bit to draw from


For pipes you would rather use elk horn than deer antlers. Horn is bone, antlers are hair. I have carved elk horn pipes since the 60s (pissed my dad off real big time). Definitely stinky. Also make sure to keep the bottom thick or they will burn thru. You can find pre made “peace pipe” stems on line for about $5 to $10 a stem and carve the bowl to go with it.


I had my hip replacement three years ago and i asked the surgeon for the bone so i could make a hash pipe, he thought i was crazy when he realized i was serious… no can do, it is medical waste he said!


I did a Lil lookin around and it seems that the antlers are not hair but bone too. Scared me a Lil bit😎


Yea I had to look it up too. I had it backward. Found an article that splains it good.


There is no smell worse than the smell of bone when being cut :nauseated_face:


I’m not sure as I have cut antlers also :nauseated_face:


I know it is a lot of glass but man is it smooth. I have yet to try it with ice threw this setup. I have tried the ice in bong and it is nice. Some may ask why? Some may say why not! The important thing is it gets you high!

Ps should mention this is a vape setup


All outta likes but that is a cool looking bong! :green_heart: :seedling:


first glance i thought @Smokin_ernie had a super charger on that rascal!!!
p.s. it is !!!


Yes it is a super charger lol and hits like one @BIGE


I got a new toy for my birthday yesterday. Well I actually bought it myself with some dineros my hubby gave me for my birthday.

Couldn’t try it until just now but it was nice!! Can’t complain about what he did get me for my birthday though. Finally got a dang Kitchen Aid mixer :slight_smile: :green_heart: :seedling:


Sweet looking glass piece.


Happy birthday @freakydeekie
Mine was also yesterday :sunglasses: