Pipes, bongs and things


just pack and attack!
i’m interested and looking now! lol


Power Hitter prototype started

Took precise measurements of the nipple inside the spout and then dry fit the flared end of my joint holder over it snugly. Yay. I have some high temp epoxy that should be safe to ensure a secure connection. I remember one of my old home made ones used to always come apart at that union. That joint holder was glass and heated and inserted into the ID of the nipple to melt around it.
I have to go to town to get ice for bubble hash anyway so I’ll grab a length of tubing to produce 3 of them.

1.) Melt a vent hole with a soldering iron

2.) Snip off the angled, tapered nozzle

More steps to come!
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Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

very crafty cant wait to see it in use! Strong work.


Oh come on, man, the suspense is killing me!


yeah he’s teasing all of us. Probably practiced on it all day… you know to perfect it! @DieHigh55


More DIY Power Hitter steps

As promised…
Cut a 3/8" flexible copper tubing 35cm long

Flare both ends

Remove the straw from the nozzle inside

Press either of the flared ends over the nipple

Press on with a ratchet clamp



Thanks kind sir,now I too can blow my mind


I’m with you up to the flaring. Is there a way to accomplish that without the tool you show? Thanks :blush:


A board the thickness = to the length of the tubing with a hole the same diameter as the tubing, a wood screw or drywall screw with that tapered type head AND a hammer.
A homeowner quality flare tool runs about $10 at both big box and mom & pop hardware/plumbing shop


Thanks. I think I can do something along that line :blush: with stuff on hand. I appreciate your help.


No problem, miss.


OK So the latest of my humidors arrived today. I think this is my new favorite. Futuristic looking to me
It says Comoy’s of London on the bottom but I suspect it was imported to Earth directly from Alderaan. (Prior to that whole Death Star Apocalypse thing, obviously)


Hey everyone came home today and tried to change spark plugs in the ol lady’s car , just to find out that my son " borrowed " my deep well set,and hasn’t returned it. So admittedly about to loose my mind, I sat down and and started on this


interesting @Nug-bug please document this! Very cool!


That is awesome! I want one… haha


I took a hand saw knocked the points off, then I took a 1/8 in drill bit and bored out the shaft. Then a 7/16 for the bowl.
Disclaimer ***
It has a let’s say aroma while drilling, and on the first bowl, but after that it’s all gravy baby!
I had a pick of the tools and the remnants of the project but when I posted it is saw my check stub in the corner of the shot,so yeah wasn’t meant for sharing I guess :joy:


Please tell me (& others) that you had a respirator or mask :mask: on while drilling. Antler dust can and will cause major respiratory problems.


I guess I should have known better .
I mean yes mam I had one on.
I and now everyone else will know , thanks @smokngranny for the appropriate warning


@SmoknGranny @Nug-bug I will confess that I didn’t know that so thanks for the share!


@Nug-bug is it done? I see antler pipes on eBay and Amazon but they are pretty expensive and I wouldn’t be opposed to making my own.