Pipes, bongs and things

Bummed cracked my glass bowl the other day cleaning it. It still kind of works but would like to get a new one. So got me thinking what else is out there. I also have a small bubbler. I went to the smoke shop the other day and they had all kinds of stuff. There were ones with multiple chambers that looked cool but not sure how they work. I have always been a joint or bowl smoker. Never got into anything fancy. The bubbler is the fancy as I get right now. So what do you guys got and like?


I have one of these things…


not sure if I like it or not as I have not used it yet… have heard good things about these types of smokers/vapes whatever so I decided to try one… I have not smoked in 20+ years and back then it was always a joint thing…

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Do you have to use an oil or juice with it? or can use dry stuff?

As can’t put up link, as not a sponcer ,Google wholesale water pipe’s, I have a real nice one on its way ,and only paid $14, where it would be around $45/$55 in shops

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apparently it is made for wax but also used for dry herb…my intent is dry herb…will know in a few weeks, lol… bought this because since I have not smoked in so long it crossed my mind that burning a header might be a bad idea…and the taste is ruined once you put a joint out for later…so I figured a one hit type thing might be my best bet for a while because my white widow is looking pretty sticky


I have one of those ,well its almost the same.just different company,which I’m using right now

The glass bowl is my preference. Sucks when they break, sorry for your loss, but it’s what I like.


I had a vaporizer for awhile, a real old model, but didn’t have the patience to keep turning it on and off and waiting for it to cool off and heat up. So back to the bong. But as FloridaSon says, it sucks when they break and mine have a bad habit of slipping out of my hands. Once rode 5 hours on the train back and forth to Amsterdam to buy a bong and 2 weeks later…bye bye bong!

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I love my new Grav labs Sherlock. It’s the gold version but the camera flash really brought out the color change


I also have a Maverick bong with double honeycomb disc, mainly for dabs


I like that Sherlock one! This is what I have been using. It is small but hits like a champion!! Haha


Recycler and Mini Bubbler

The recycler is amazing for taste. I use it for both nugs and dabs


I would like a recycler. Maybe Santa Claus will bring me one. Haha

Better hope he doesnt use it himself first, nobody will get any presents.

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My new bong ,passed through customs today , so I should have it by end of week.,can’t wait to throw the one I’m using in the bin.

I like to keep things simple with my bubbler, from a local blower.


glass pipes and me don’t play well…I have a bubbler similar to yours, mine is in 4 pieces.

every nice smoking accessory that can break has, no matter how careful I was.

Do you think the breakage is related to the way the items are used? :confused:

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Yes, and who blew it. Some blowers just make better pipes.


I hear this all the time with glass smoking devices and I will just say this. If a bunch of glass pcs have broken in someone’s custody. There is a common denominator…


My replacement to my broken bowl. My wife got it for my birthday!!