Pineapple Haze mainline scrog

It took a while but I have finally got to the Pineapple Haze from the fruity mixpack I bought. Topped to 3rd node in Sunshine #4 using Advanced Nutrients
Just topped again for the final time. Going to let her grow-sideways lol


Woohoo @Paulcrf can’t wait to see what you can do with it looking good

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She is growing sideways.
Now just need her to fill inWIN_20171101_18_07_17_Pro

Still growing. Not sure if I have made mistakes or if the Sativa doesn’t like being mainlines cuz its going slow but still going


ok so wondering how much stretch this Pineapple Haze will get when I switch to 12/12
any ideas? I only have another 1 or 1 1/2 ft left
@Countryboyjvd1971, @bob31, @latewood

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Some can double in size @Paulcrf One way to reduce stretch is too change the lights gradually over the course of a week.

Those girls are ready to be tucked again,

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Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I was going to tuck again or switch to 12-12 and let her rise up and bud out.

You will want to tuck until you have flipped the lights and start getting pistils and then you may want to tuck again. The goal is to keep them low and spread out for maximum bud sites! @Paulcrf

Once you flip you will be amazed at the difference from week to week. I will tell you that on my last SCROG I tucked a few branches late and the colas were half above and below the screen. Didn’t affect the growth at all, but I had to cut a few extra snips to get her out of the screen. It was worth it to me.

One Gold Leaf SCROG 1.5 feet x 3 feet and the harvest was over a pound wet and 4 ounces dry. Not too shabby!


Ok to use a phrase from the 70’s I will keep on tucking

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Just made the switch to 12/12WIN_20171130_17_46_02_Pro

tuck more! @Paulcrf

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@bob31 man I am trying but the stems in the center just don’t have room to tuck

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ok brother you are boots on the ground!

Tuck the outter ones first and then slide the other ones in between those

Maybe supercropping?


I missed this! Awesome love it :peace_symbol: @Paulcrf

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WIN_20171220_18_51_41_Pro We are flowering. Not sure I did this right but I am ok with the canopy.