Pineapple haze and dwc

I have a pineapple haze that i have started from seed,question is,when can i move it to my dwc bucket

Good question!

I’ve transplanted a bunch of plants to my DWC, so I will try and help you out here.
I personally like to transplant my clones once they have established good roots.
For seeds, I like to grow them in a soil mix, then transplant from the soil into my DWC. I’ve tried with the rapid rooter plugs, but I just don’t like them at all. The Jiffy pellets are worse in my opinion lol. the soil mix I use is similar to Pro-Mix so it’s very easy to clean off my roots before I transplant.
Once my plants have 4-5 nodes I’ll transplant them. That, or once the cotyledon leaves fall off (the first round leaves that grow from the seed).
You can wait to transplant though. I’ve transplanted a plant that was about 8 weeks old before.

Just know, the earlier is better. But you can’t do it too early or it won’t take well to the DWC if the roots can’t reach water, or aren’t getting sprayed with water bubbles. And you can’t transplant a plant after a certain amount of time either. Once the roots are fully developed they won’t take well to the DWC transplant.
I hope this helps!

Sure did,thanks a ton. I germinated in a rapid rooter plug,worked great for