Pineapple express, Sour diesel



Looking for some suggestions on led lighting distance , from about week six and on of a Sativa dominant plant. Any thoughts???



Lil girls are growing nicely. Three pineapple Express, two girl scout cookies Xtreme, one is a bag seed the smallest girl in the middle an her name is cool now.



Magic mushrooms not looking to bad. BUT, as you all can see the far left jar has a yellow tint to it. This is a big big no fly zone!!! The reason for this jar getting like this is simple , it got infected. Cleanliness is very crucial when dealing with bacteria, fungi, ect… I used ever serious precaution I could have when I started this adventure and still have this. The trick is identifying it so no harm is done. If a mushroom colony gets infected like this one jar , under now circumstances shall you consume the product. It’s fine in the jar and being where it is at currently but injested it is deadly. This would be the make or break of this product so I myself will be discarding the contents of this jar safely. The other five jars are perfectly safe for consumption and as the old saying says, life grows on…