Pineapple express, Sour diesel



And the gscx , big sisters pineapple express. These four are waiting for the big tent.
Back to back flower. :weight_lifting_man:


I don’t need it yet but im looking for some good clone making information. I’ve tried a few times but had no luck. Didn’t use any gel or anything . Just would like to get the trade down for later production. Any help , thank.



Gscx in aeroponics


Gave two branches the ol stress test. :weight_lifting_man:


Kelly, a pineapple express


And, Satine a sour diesel. Back soon. Gotta get ready for Monday’s work week.


Nice bit of supper cropping! Now node below that will send out a shoot



Tea time



Substrate jars impregnated


My baby pineapple express with big ol leafs


Finally all chopped up.
I used 75g of leafs , stem, bud all from trimmings. Boil low around 250° for an hour. Strain then put back on stove then turn heat to low. Then add honey to desired level of sweetness. Good high that last hrs!!!


Aw yeah I used like one gallon of water



Big girls are sleeping



Magic mushrooms coming nicely


@CooperinKredible is that a stand up fan in your flower room?


Yes, btw.


These two girls are doing quit well for being my two bushes. Starting to smell like , total awesomeness. Like a minty , pine, with a fruit touch. Very nice!


Sour diesel is getting big



Sorry I haven’t been on much, really busy. These pics I forgot I grabbed I think Saturday… Gonna try and get some freah ones up tonight and put one up on the magic mushroom operation. These pineapple express girls are packing on the crystals. These pics don’t justify it but there cranking along. Another month or so. See ya soon


Hey folks!!! Well the last pics you seen were pre trim. Right after about two days I trimmed up the bottoms. End goal is to try and get coala formation for anybody taking notes. I left them go for I think six days and these pics are where I’m at. These four girls are week six of flower. The back left is a sour diesel from this wonderful source. I did make her mad by cutting her water supply down by a simple over fear of over watering her when she needed more so she isn’t looking the best. The other three are seed from the ol lady and what she wanted to grow, and grow meaning ME lol, they are pineapple Express. They are looking pretty frosty :snowman:lol.