Pineapple express, Sour diesel



Moved my grow room around. Had to have a couple jays and a couple of drinks after work. Haha cheers. What I smoked tonight was supposed “yeah I know what your thinking” lol, local grown from a guy. But and yeah a big butt;), I’m not in a four two owe state… But still good lol. I’ll believe it when I see it. Like when these girls are done .



Hell of a mess from the rearrange I did haha


Nice room you have there @CooperinKredible… Love it!


Hey gang, i just started into day eight of flower. Here’s what I’m looking like . My sour diesel, I don’t see any noticable buds, but my pineapple express girls have a couple just starting :beers:KIMG0460KIMG0462_01KIMG0463KIMG0461KIMG0465


Beautiful and healthy plants! Nice…
You need to be patient and you will see the progress of them😉


Remember - Patience is a virtue.
It’s also a song by Guns-n-Roses.


Has anybody here ever experimented with growing magic mushrooms? If it’s cool I’d like to share some pics of a small grow I’m doing here in the next week or so. I’d like to do it under a different topic if anyone would be interested, and of coarse I’m aloud to .


What’s happening followers???!?;. Just started day 12 of flower in my big tent. Here’s the results.KIMG0468



Back left is a beautiful lady named, Satine. Here partners in crime , race - pineapple express, front left - Mrs. Norton , front right - Grace , back right - Kelly. Btw, the last three are all pineapple express.


The first beautiful woman that is back left - Satine , she is a sour diesel that is taking her beautiful time to squirt out the fruit aka “bud”. Lol



Close up of the pineapple express girls


I also will be growing Pineapple Express… fingers crossed!
But sorry can’t help you with your flowering problem. There will be some experienced growers here soon and I am also curious what eberyone will say! Will be following your thread :wink:


Lol I don’t have a " flowering" problem, lol. I replied by saying " what’s happening followers"


Ah sorry got it wrong… I thought you are further in flowering than 12 days or so and the plants look like this… just a reading mistake sry ; p


It’s all good bud lol. Our motto at work is, " hey, know body is perfect." Lol


New toys!!! I’ll start another story for these guys.


Very well packed substrate jars. I would recommend this company so far. Very fast and top customer service. Midwest Grow Kits!



And here are the girls



Girls are getting bigger


Baby girl scout cookies Xtreme.