Pineapple express, Sour diesel

Ok, too start this is my first grow from seed to finish. Couple different kinds I’m trying, sour diesel, pineapple express, girl scout cookies Xtreme, an a couple green crack clones I’m trying to save. All indoor, led. Using fox farm and cutting edge solution for nuts.

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I started flowering in my big tent on Sunday. I’ll put fresh pics up after work.

These are two girl scout cookies Xtreme I’m experimenting with a miracle grow aerogarden.


Nice setup… Good luck!
PS what is in the bottle?

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Thank you. Theyre carbon dioxide generators. I do about three cups of sugar, one table spoon of yeast, mix with hot water in a two litter then shake. There’s other setups but this last about a week for me.


Love the green tape!!!

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Are you planning a full run in the aerogarden, or just vegging them there for a bit?

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Well I have two there so I think I’ll play it safe and do one in the aerogarden and the other in fox farm.

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I was gonna say, you’ll be sorry lol.

I have what I think to be maybe a newer version of the same aerogarden. 30 watt led with 1.4 gallon res? Anyway, even with 1 plant they have to be flipped pretty quick.

By your language, this is your first run in it?

I got all of them going from a seed using it. I think it’s great to get the roots going then right before veg I made the transplant. It’s working well for starting seeds.

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They’re really good for that, and fairly hassle free.

You can grow a plant out in them too, but 2 would be rough. Even with one, you have to shut the pump down and replace with air stone. Some additional lighting doesn’t hurt either, and it still won’t yield a ton. But they’re a lot of fun to mess around with.

Good film. Very good film. Love the bud to but it’s rare af here.

Happy growing @CooperinKredible.

Thanks guys, I got caught up with work and didn’t have time to work on my journal. But I’ll try and get some pics up here to show growth from about five to seven days time with crop in flower and veg. Back soon.


Baby GSC/x

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Small pineapples, and a couple GC clones



And day five of the flower tent. Back left is Sour diesel, other three are pineapple express