Pineapple Express scrog


5 day old seedlings Pineapple Express


Welcome to the site son


On your way!! WTG @JonW2


I appreciate it @Screwauger


Ahhh bro, your making me want to start the g2 summit


This might sound stupid but G2 summit? @McLovin777


Very nice!


I just wanted to stop in and say hello and welcome you the best and friendliest forum
We all have a common goal to grow good meds
Any questions just ask there are no stupid questions imo
You sprouts look good cant wait to see you in action under the scrog screen
:+1: Woohoo happy growing :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 it’s greatly appreciated


@Wishingilivedina420state this is my son’s first grow he is running pineapple express scrog first grow for him an first scrogs for both of us i gave him the pineapple express cause i don’t like the way the strain acts


That’s awesome, a family both my parents showed me how to grow.


That’s what’s up :joy: @Wishingilivedina420state


Time to transplant roots were growing out the sides of pot #1


Use smart pots, no more root bound, and you can get a bigger plant in a smaller pot.


Any plant will root bound, depending on strain depends on how fast i have had plants an 4foot root bpund in 25 gallon pots an i have had 7foot plants root bound in the same pots smart pots don’t stop that just depends how big you want them he started in 3" net pots for hudro an changed his mind when transplanting you want a tight root system before moving to bigger space so they don’t just go straight down an cause a lanky plant with wasted root space


Air pots , smart pots , cloth pots , all allow air in an cause an air prone affect that gets reed of root bound in all size pots. U should see what I’ve got in 1 gallon pots, with no issues at all.

While I do agree strain and size play a factor, a cloth pot still will give you a bigger plant in a smaller pot with put question.

I’ve been growing GSCX for awhile now, 70 day flowering time with a 2 1/2 week stretch and a 3 month veg. From a two gallon smart pot after veg to a 5 gal for flower and at harvest still no root bound. Total in all about 6 months from seed to harvest. Her clones were grown in 1 gal and switched to 3 gal for flower still no root bound.


Fabric pot are THAT much of a change? for real? Wish I knew before transplant wednesday lol…


They are @Blasting , makes all the difference in the world :earth_americas:.


I will try and go read on that :smiley: Thanks lol I almost bought some a month ago because I realised there must be a reason theyre for sale everywhere lol, finally I didnt. Wish I did now :slight_smile:


I’m abut to do a full grow in 1 gal smart pot, scrog, coco loco. 2 more weeks and they go in flower.