Pineapple Express Auto 2nd Hydro Grow


Welcome everyone this is going to be my first grow journal :sunglasses:. I grow with hydroponics. I use grow tents and grow boxes with carbon filters. I will post be posting a few times a week. Any advice as you see it would be great! Heat is a constant battle so I’m hoping to get a chiller soon. Currently using ice packs. For the lights I’m using four t5 bulbs. Later on I’ll be using some led lights.


Pineapple Express auto 2 weeks, 2 days old. (Not from ilgm)

This is what I’m using for nutrients in the veg stage.

Pineapple Express is running on some nutrients already great root growth. I could see brown but I believe it was the nutrients because it seems to have turned back to white.



Looking good! Tag me in your updates!


Im a soil guy but I like to diversify! I’m along for the ride! @Noctis420


Great start, tag me into your updates I am gonna drag along…


So finally an update.

The water Temps got up into the higher 70s today can’t wait to get a chiller. But besides that…

Pineapple Express Auto

Looking great for the most part. Still seeing some wierd spots on it perhaps light nutrient burn? Ppm are at 225 and ph is 5.8. The roots still look good so I doubt it’s root rot.

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Very Nice and great photos.


Coco / soil grower here, looking to learn more about hydro. Please tag me in, I would love to follow along and see what I can learn.



They all look super healthy! Great start!


they look great cheer


I’m with the the boys looks good so far
I’m also with @bob31 being a soil guy
Hydro interests me so yeah I’m ALong for the ride as well
@Noctis420 woohoo


Looking good … I know very little about hydro all I have is a bubble cloner and I ph water at 7.0 and change every couple days, but I grow in soil and trying coco.
I do know that @ktreez420 grow hydro and that guy has some nice plants check out Some of his threads .


Thanks for the shout out @Wishingilivedina420state I really appreciate that dude!



they look awesome ktreez cheer


Pineapple Express

I just flushed her and started some lst.
Ppm @ 172

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Live and learn.

Pick up the pieces and start again!


Sorry to hear that, but it does happen to us all sooner or later. At least you had more seeds.


Sorry to hear that, though good to see the positive attitude. We only learn so much from reading and advice from others, sucks but our best way to learn is to make mistakes.


So I’m going on vacation for 4 days and worried about my plant. I topped it off with water. My tds is 180ppm and ph is 5.8. hopefully it’s going to stay stable with the advanced nutrients perfect ph. She looks great.

Pineapple Express

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Do you have anyone you trust to check on them?


Sounds like a plan, at lest there in coco, the pot will take longer to dry out and your close to, man your getting lucky here send some of that my way please @Noctis420