Pinching for more yield

I have been experimenting with “pinching” and I have a few questions if anyone cares to enlighten me.

Using the pic below for reference, I “pinched” the center node where the red arrow is last week and just like I was told the (2) in the crotch sprouted out with beautiful new stems. My question is; should I “pinch” again on the very next opportunity (purple arrow)? Is there a limit or some type of rule as to how many times you want to do this?

BTW - The plants are 6 weeks old and have probably 8 weeks more of vegetation because they are going outside in 2 weeks.



I’m sure people have different opinions. Me , I’ll top after every 3rd node. You can top as many times as you like. Just be sure not to top anymore when time to flower is near…

This is called super cropping and it works great when done at strategic times. I usually do it to the top, to try and get more than one main cola. I got a white widow to do it once. Got about 10 grams dry more than another I left alone.

Thanks, guys.

I have two plants with “Pinched Tops” (just pinched).
Pictures soon and next week