Pinching and focusing growth?

Hey all, I’ve just finished my fourth year of growing, each time with autos and photos in a greenhouse in the Seattle area. Man have I learned a lot, and so grateful for the help here.

Anyway, I have a friend who runs a winery. Every year, they prune and train the grape vines and cut back to just one or two shoots per plant. The “trunk” continues to get stronger with amazing roots, and the plant then focuses all of its energy (for fruit) on those few shoots.

As I was trimming bud yesterday, I had dozens/hundreds of small buds on the lower parts of each branch (maybe the size of a dime), and then the one big cola at the top and a few larger buds up there too. As I read about training methods, I mostly read about pruning, topping, scrog, etc.

So here’s the question. If I were to keep pinching out those small lower buds and/or branches, would this focus energy on producing monster buds towards the top? Or would it just make the girls angry, such that they’d die in protest of my bad manners?

I’m looking to increase yield, of course, but also to make trimming/harvest a lot quicker and easier.

Thanks for any ideas, as always!


Look up threads or info in the growers bible on lollipoping. It is good practice, especially on indoor grows, to cut off all the lower foliage to concentrate growth on the buds at the top and improve air circulation to avoid mold/mildew issues. Usually done 2nd or 3rd week of flower, but can be done during veg.

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Thank you @CMichGrower! Will do…

P.S. Are you referring to the ILGM grow bible, or is there another one that you meant?

I assumed the ILGM growers bible has the information. I’ve read so many things I don’t remember where all the info comes, but I’m sure it must cover it.

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You can also top and fim your plants and that will give you many more tops.
Just be aware that you won’t have that main longer cola.
The upper nugs will be a bit smaller but you’ll have a lot more of them.

Thank you!

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