Pinched open the first to leaves after sprotting

I’m a dumm ass I know, did I just cause it to turn male, it’s growing now slowly , very slowly any thoughtsUploading…

Also I’ve been feeding every day with another plant that was about a week older my grow room gets hot ,even though it gets lots of air, but still drys out the pots fast , nuts in the morning and water at night one seems to be doing good the other I pinched open by mistake

It’s difficult to help without pictures and more info. A support ticket would help. I think tho if you topped it by cutting out the top center leaf set then you won’t turn it male just by that. Plants turn male (or go hermie) from an internal panic by the plant from continued stress. This makes the plant think the only way it can survive and continue the species is to pollinate itself since everyone else is dead or female so it mutates into both male and female in one.

Tried to upload some pics don’t know what happened there,

Sorry had to get a new phone

That looks like a healthy little seedling. Unless you know you have a feminized seed you won’t be able to tell the gender until it starts to flower generally.

I learned a trick some years ago with Reggie to tell after the first two leaves open what sex. That plant is almost 4 weeks .

What’s the trick @Wishingilivedina420state haha I’d love to know!

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Support ticket
Bag seeds , was OK bud I’m gonna guess white widow
Happy frog potting soil
Fox farm trio with the microbe brew , started@ half worked up to full
Sun leafs reflector and Vita plant 125w day light
Do to my grow room being out side the temperature and humidity are a rollercoaster but mostly
95-100 day
78-85 ish night
Humidity ??? Well about 45-95 lower in the day and if it rains trying to get insulated soon
Grow room was a old cargo trailer 4/8/4.5 ft
I have a 14x14 in. Opening with a 22in fan strapped to it bringing in air , and it is also covered by a lean-to

Thinking about writing a book just double checking some things lol

Truly the trick is to look at the first to pot leafs , if they look like a hurricane on Doppler rador then it’s a girl congrats
If the two leafs are straight and just lay there then that’s that no good son of a,
Any way pops always said if one was straight and the other curved then u had a freak , pull it and the gay az pimp boy friend asap
There can b only one
Now with all that being said and I hate to type this much, this has held true for me over 20 years, all my friends ask me to sex there plants an set aside a male pick here and there just to see and it always works.

But. And here it is
It’s always been reggie
Does it matter ? IDK

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Week 3 veg
Week 4 starts Saturday

Plant’s B-A
B on top. And A on bottom
Started week 4

Both plants are on the same amount of colas, one is just soo much shorter . I see growth with it just very small and very close together, never seen this before, any advice?

Plant A doing great
Plant B WTF? Doesn’t wanna grow .
Never do what I did kids never ever ever ever,

Thinking the little one might at best be a short one bud plant

Lil 1 @ 7 weeks

Big sis

OK here’s the truth after trying this sex test an it bullshit sorry pops.


Kill it! Kill it! KILL IT!!!