Pinched air line

So I’ve been having issues with my plants Turing yellow and I been messing with everything and just realized my airline was pinched and I have mild root rot, I’m 2 weeks into flower so I’m wondering if I should back out let it get back to 100% then flip.

If you have solved the problem, I would press on. I count the first week after switching to 12/12s as transition. By my timeline you are only 1 week into flower.
I gather you are doing a hydroponic grow unless the airline is for an autopot?

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Yes DWC I had 2 air stones in there but one was pinched and the other had no air because I spliced into it 2 times for a different tank and stole away the flow seems it’s running off air from my sep res tank. I’ll keep pushing forward thank you :+1: