Pin hole light leaks

With the season change dawn arrives later and later. My lights on is still 6am. I woke up today around 6:15am and its much darker outside now than it was when i bought my tent. I noticed little pin hole light leaks at the stitching of my tent.

Everyone suggests duct tape to fix it. I think that is sloppy. I remember watching a video or reading a forum post and the person used liquid tape (I think) to block the light pin holes. Now I can’t find it.

Does anyone have any ideas other than using duct tape. A link to it would be ideal. (Like amazon shopping page)

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I use black RTV or silicone sealant to fill pinhole light leaks in my tents. I just put a dab on my finger tip (wearing latex gloves) and smear it into the leak.


Good afternoon I can see @merlin44 has you covered but thought I’d pop my head in a provide and alternative either would work fine

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I’m trying to use duct tape to keep the stupid Velcro window covers on and blacked out. And it’s horrible and falls off. Who needs windows in a grow tent???

Good advice here. I need it too. About to flip to flower on my first ever grow.

What about near zipper? Any suggestions there?

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Good afternoon @HomeBotany101 what’s the trouble your experiencing with the six on your tent I’d be happy to help try solve the problem if I can

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Near the seam in several parts near the zipper there are pin holes of light. I’ve read that the smallest light can herme your plants. Trying to black it out totally. Will switch to autos after this batch of seeds. But I bought 30. Lol.

Good afternoon @HomeBotany101 I have had a little look around to see what I can find since you have multiple pin holes and I have come across this I think it may help solve your situation

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Bought some tent repair, silicon and black gorilla duct tape. I want to flip to flower. Supplies get here today. But this is more than a pin hole on my tent. :confused:

That looks like a zipper flap that is either missing or folded over and not stopping the light.


@HomeBotany101 did u make sure the flap on the inside of the tent is not flipped up. There should be a flap that hangs over the zipper area to cover it if the flap is not flipped over the zipper area you will see light thru it. Maybe the flap is just bent where its not covering the zipper. Beat of luck to ya. Alot of people here to help you out if u have a little patients and a good ear.

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Omg. I didn’t check that yet. And the first day I assembled I had a problem with zipper and the flap. I feel so silly. Will update after checking. I think it’s time to flip her.

Unless your lights off is during the day,I’m really starting to question the whole light leak thing. Nature isn’t light less at night, So what about all the outside grows.

I know it sucks. I have a 4x8 tent and a 4x4 both brand new and both have light leaks. No one wants to tarp a tent but thats what I ended up doing. It is a major pain in the ass and looks shitty but it gets the job done. I have several 10mil tarps on both tents. better safe than hermie.

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I will be everyone’s guinea pig, I switched my light to 6pm -6am lights off and removed all that stupid duct tape . people grow in their closet all the time ,noway a closet is better than a grow tent. Now I did tape up the led power lights on my power strip, humidifier, and dehumidifier.

So I tested the gorilla tape vs t-rex tape. The gorilla tape failed and started peeling off when the humidity was to high. The t-rex tape didn’t! I run all my lights at night, 6pm to 12 noon for veg. Flower from midnight to 12 noon. Just my 2 cents lol
Happy growing :seedling:

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I ran my lights at night to get better temps, duct taping every 3 or 4 days . I gave up, it was a mess. switched back to days for lights on . I will let everyone know how it worked out.

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I’m using geez tape now. It is the flap on the inside. It’s not flat it’s wavey and I have to flatten it out while I zip it. Total pain. Tarp a good idea.

Silicone!! A dab’ll do ya!!

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And yes. I bought black silicone too. But it’s bleeding through the zipper. :frowning:


I thought I read somewhere that starlight and moonlight has a green hue to it. Green light doesn’t affect the plants, they can’t see it.

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