Pictures of my strawberry/blue after rain storm


i took so pictures of plants. I had to tie they up after the rain and wind we had 2 days ago.


I took a minute off from my rounds in order to support you. :smile:
Glad to see your progress.


There is some skunk pic in it also


Thanks for the support​:sunglasses::deciduous_tree:


. I’m not really sure if I should start trimming some of stuff on the colas or just leave it alone lol


Nice thanks for sharing .


Thanks to all you guys for the support and help with everything. Got some great advice. I hope my advice helps some of you too.


Iem sure you will,
Boy look at them crystal s shiny like little diamond s…lol

B Safe


Here is a bud off that plant. If not the main one.


Wow ! Great job , thanks for sharing .


Yep It’s a little over 14" Can’t wait for the main one to finish. Thanks yoshi


That’s not the main one , wow that’s about 14 gr dried ?


WOW!! Now that’s what it’s all about!! That is just awesome Tom . What a great job my hat’s is off to ya buddy. And what’s funny here is, that’s not the main cola…lamo
Tom, I’m real happy for ya.
I hope, well I’m sure your next grow will be as good if not better.
heack…I’m going . To have to come to you for advice!!!

Wait…for a min there I though I could smell that from here…lol

B Safe


I think outside in a natural habitat plants thrive majorly , and with nutrients the roots has no boundaries and that’s how you can massive colas and good dry weight ?


Yoshi, you know that’s funny as helll, cause I was thinking the same thing.



Man I wish I could , I would like to see what it will do .


. This is about 3/4 of the strawberry plant


Yoahi I don’t have a scale any more. I have four more outside to cut still , any one want to come and help???


Look like an easy 6-8 ounces if not more and you not finish yet . Looks good , outside is the key to get great yields.


I’m packing my scale and tiein it to my bike got the GPS :wink:
Ok… how do I get there :smile: