Pictures of my first grow Big Bud Auto's

They are looking good. Purple and all :grin:

Lol, I definitely had the LED to low, the manufacturer recommends 12"-18" for flowering and it was set at 12" so I raised it 6" and i immediately noticed higher growth. This is my very first grow so I am still figuring everything out lol but I am more than pleased with the way everything is is going.

I started burning my B.D. by setting the lights low to soon. Now I have to keep them closer to 24" off the plants and they are almost done. I am 24" of my B.B. too. it looks great. it is in pre flower though. Yours are coming along nicely. :grin: This is kind of like my 1st and a half grow lol I had all males and lots of trouble last grow.

I need to edit this as I have found the low lights were not my issue. it was feeding to strong and having the lights low. Feeding normally I now have them at 14" one plant. Sorry for the bad info.

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Wow, those all look great.