Pictures of Ilgm's blueberry


Hey does anyone have any pictures of ILGM’s blueberry strain buds after harvest? i have 4 of them in flower at this time and this is my first grow and i just wanted to see what the buds look like. i know the pictures on the website look amazing but i know sometimes pictures arent what you always get. thanks if anyone does!


If you want that blue color, you’ll have to adjust your thermostat to run cooler. @Hammer or @Majiktoker could point you to proper temperature ranges.

I’ve got some autos going now, so we can both get an answer! :wink:


Around low 50’s high 40’s for a week straight maybe less, but you’ll get your color change


im in the 3rd going on 4th week of flower so we will see soon i hope. im going to wait till the last 3 weeks and try n get the color change. i know color really has no meaning on the potentcy of the mj but it sure looks amazing and definitly brings a premium!!


Keep me updated on how it works for you :+1:


i sure will @Majiktoker my led’s will be here tomorrow i can wait to see how much they improve the grow


My opinion quite a bit :grin:

Happy growings can’t wait to see your progress if you have further questions ill be happy to answer them


i think they will do wonders in fattening up the buds


Same here. Again can’t wait to see your progress my friend


thanks man i really appreciate it. ill post a pic of my grow room once i get the lights installed tomorrow hopefully


@pbs86 ,at this stage bring temps down at nie time only … To 65-68f then in 2 weeks lower it to 62-65f nite time then the final week bring them to 58-60 f any lower and itll simply slow them down .to a stop as for production . not all of them may purple out it’ll depend on the pheno’s . for a all purple crop every time find the one that does it best and save it for a mother .plant . the reason it does this is nutrient up take is altered at these temps . trigging this result .
Hammer .


@Hammer thank you for the help bro i will let you know how it turns out


Don’t forget the picts please i like EYE Candy and so does the forum :smile:
Hammer .