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This is the picture I promised from my previous post about how much Flower Power to mix with a gallon of water. I am a first time grower. Also, is the amount of Flo Power the same for all 4 types?

WW Feminized
Mistake of using MG Potting Soil
Avg 65 Deg F
Avg Humidity 60 %

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Looks great.

I"ve used MG potting soil in this last grow, Starting soil then MG moisture control mixed with an organic soil and perlite And mixed in some Canna soil. It grew just fine. Check out “Holy Crickies look at the Triches” post.
Your grow looks like its doing fine.

The slur test I did with the MG Moisture Control potting soil came out at 1550 ppm which is high for the nutrients I use. In my opinion high for any soil. If for some reason I was forced to use it. I would flush it heavily and do runoff test until I was down in the 500 ppm before using any nutes. I will say that your plant looks fine so keep up the good work.

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