Pics...will I run out of space if switching?

how big should I let these get before switching 12/12…growing 24/0 now 3x3x6 feet tent. can I go a while longer because I just topped one (back left in 2 liter…bottom of 2 liter cut away and buries 4 inch down) and I’m also manifolding the middle one just topped both sides so I need another week or 2 I think before they are ready. front right one just topped too… lst one on front left is good I think…and back right one in dwc is an auto. So I think I need another 2 weeks for topped plant to be ready…does this make sense and sound right? If I could redo Id do it different but this is what I have to make work now. any thoughts on course of action? Am I going to run out of room if I wait another 2 weeks…Im thinking of taking the dwc auto out but if so Id have to throw it away…any thoughts on what I should do here?

Is the front left an auto as well? Looks like it’s starting to flower

probably tbh I had a few seed packs reg fem and auto fem and I think I got mixed up the 3 diagonal rear left to front right are reg fem Im sure…so auto grow a little smaller right? So I can have enough room?

So if preflowers forming before 12/12 thats an easy way to tell auto right? If I read right preflowers dont show until 12/12 correct?

Plants will double/triple in size in flower. So given the number, you wouldn’t want to have them much larger that the bucket top or they will seriously crowd each other in full bloom.


dwc one was first grow attempt and had root rot and nute burn so bad growing …new roots have grown into reservoir so maybe better to just toss that one then I’d have 4 soils and have more space… or take one of the soil grows outside. 4 sounds like a good target. If I keep them all with a few more fans how hard would it be if I maybe lollipop them to keep air flow. first ever grow so idk what to expect with size and bushyness

As wicked said, I’d let them go until they get as big around as the bucket top :+1: maybe another 2-3 weeks.

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They will fill that tent to the max, I did 3 in a tent that size and I ran out of room.

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Try using Hydroguard and change res every 5-7 days. Never had issues with roots using it.