Pics of Seedlings

Hey Guys and ladies…
I’m not sure if this allowed… I’m looking for pics of Seedlings… I’m new to indoor growing an I’m curious to see what other ppls Seedlings look like… Please and thank you. Here is mine.


These are just 3 different seedlings, check out my grow journal for more pictures :wink:


Looks normal looking good

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They look good! They look like they’re in pretty big containers. What size are they? I would expect them to grow slowly at first while the roots fill in that pot, but then explode and be very large. What strain(s) are they?

My seedling is a jack herer auto from green house seed Co. The first top photo.
Her name is Megan Rose.

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Mine are in 5 gallon pots. Didn’t transfer them because they’re autos, blue mystic from nirvana to be exact.

I’m about 3 weeks in to my grow from seeds. You can check my journal . I’ve taken pics everyday since sprout.

@Twitch what light do you have those girls under :slight_smile:

@aussie123556 Led light without the diffuser.

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