Pics of my summers grow! HighCountryGal Style!




Finally! Pics of my summers grow My w/c friendly set-up. 1. R front green bucket Space Terror 2, Space Terror 1, back r Chuckies Goo 1, BTY (Better than yours), Chuckies Goo 2 and Grape Angel in green bucket. 2. Space Terror 1. 3. BTY my 23" cola, 4. Grape Angel and 5. the end of the day.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a pretty good resume.


I hate to sound rude or conceited but I know! lmao They were amazing to watch grow. Each one was so different including the 1’s and 2’s Thank you so very much!


I can only assume you need help to smoke all this?
Count me in… Looking Great Bud as you say you know…lol


Thank you so much I am still in a state of awe myself! Never did I think it would turn out like it did, everyday was a total learning experience and I am pretty sure an obsession, not to mention dang good weed. According to my brother it had better last until next yr (new season). I haven’t made very deep dents, don’t need to. Here puff puff pass a dube of Space Terror 1 for you!


Omg, thats awesome !!!
Interesting neighborhood indeed :wink::wink::wink:


Christmas trees lol look really good I’m doing my 1st grow outdoors in very long time can’t wait till there looking like yours


Nicely done @highcountrygal


Christmas trees (?) lmao and the gifts were superb! Outdoor growing in a natural setting is about as good as it gets. If I can offer a little trick I use for sturdy strong stems, use gypsum! Incorporate it into your soil before planting and maybe every month. Plus I do not pinch, more quality less quantity, it’s only me.


Yes indeed, I too am willing to get little less in order to get the best…
Very good job !


Now I may be wrong but what I have observed is the more you pinch, the smaller the cola and stems become ‘willowy’ and require staking or tied for support. Getting 1+ pound from 6 non pinched plants, not having to deal with broken branches and able to withstand a fairly windy day is my kinda gal! Much less work (I’m in a w/c) and much easier to spot those alien moth invaders as I go stem by stem every few hrs daily. I’m retired so I can. :space_invader:


If it works for you keep doing it…
There is no dogmatic way of growing, as many growers, that many styles…
You did great !!!


I tweaked the name of your posting @highcountrygal


Cool! Somehow I figured out how to post pics by accident, I couldn’t get it to work the way you showed me, I am not smart about stuff like that, I still can’t cut and paste even though I have been shown many times. Now put me in a garden, a different story.


I’d say you get an A++++++ In the garden! Copy and paste isn’t so hard. Just takes a little practice is all.


My ‘way’ is an eclectic view of every one else’s knowledge, thank God, and 50+ yrs of gardening and I just love to share things that I have ‘learned’, never any right or wrong way for sure. :woman_farmer:t4:


I love it !!!
Happy growing this coming season :wink::wink::wink:


You as well! I just planted a few seeds to see how they do during the off season. I got a plant seed warmer, for real, nuttin’ yet but it’s only been 3 days. They are tucked and toasty!


wow. sure wish I could grow in my back yard. would save a lot of walking when need watering.