Pics of my grow room and grow doin 3 strains


That is 1 out of 6, so I’m hoping at least 1/2 turn out female. Doing 3 different strains but the 1 I’m really hoping on is OG-Kush !


Well, if they weren’t feminized seeds, then you’ve got a 50/50 chance. Just make sure you keep your males far away from your females, and be very careful if you’re harvesting pollen.


VERRRRY careful. Clings to clothes. Drifts in air. N nature just has a way of… being nature. :joy: i kept a male and made sure he had minimal air circulation and no way to unintentionally knock up my ladies. Then when matures just lock them in a room n give’m a day ir two. Then drop the fella


thank you, guess I’ll just scrap the old guy, trask pick up is Monday here or I could dry him out and put him in a seasoning jar for my roast and stews ?


looks like a female, these are pistils coming out Right ? thank you for any help .


Yup. Looks like a she. And if your genetics are solid then it would be smart to try for a few seeds. Just be extremely careful. If ur clumsy just toss him


Thank you. I think I will drop the pollen sacks into a medicine bottle and save it for later when I get more experienced and build a room just for pollination. I have already isolated the male Northern lights, this is a female NL. I would like to mix an AK-47 and Nl.


Grow update day 16 and 2 out of 6 are female. I cropped and topped. Each plant has 28 flowering sites. So far so good. I built a 2nd grow room for vege & cloning. Here is a pic of my skinny girls. I will do a pic of new grow room shortly. Namaste !