Pics of my grow room and grow doin 3 strains



Just curious, but how old is that hydrometer?? Brings back memories of my childhood!


Pretty girls but what strains?


Yup love the set up. Gorgeous young ladies. Would love to know the strains as well. And what kind of lights u hanging there?


3 AK-47, 2 Northern lights and 1 OG Kush. Got the lights at Amazon, cover all light spectrums including infr red. $24 each, reflective mylar 4x100 ft 2 ply $26. Bath exhaust fan $15 and flex duct 25 ft. $22. T connection at dryer vent $3 at Menards. I went to sites where they were rehabbing houses and got Studs, drywall and insulation for free. Oh and Woods timers 2 to a pack $8 at Amazon.


My first attempt at growing, thanks for looking. Oh hydrometer was free.


Welp. Im here and watchin. How long u plan on vegging them? Sorry if u answerd. But we are stoners around here :joy:


I cropped and topped the for bush effects, so after they heal up, I 'd say first week of October !


It looks like the plants that have the yellowing might be suffering from sulfur deficiency, but with the purple light I can’t be sure.


There are no yellowing leaves. It’s the lights reflecting off the mylar and the angle of the shot.


Share some shots using flash, it’ll help show us a more accurate visual of what the plants look like and what their health is.

Nice setup and sounds like you did it all on a super tight budget. Well done :+1:t3:


Using a flash may look like an explosion…DO IT!


since I took those pics, I have pruned and topped the plants and they are now as of yesterday set to flowering stage. I will take some new photos and post them. Thank you for the compliment.


Looking forward to your updates.


Trimmed down and topped for bush instead of height, day 2 in flower stage.


2 days into flower, cropped and topped for bush instead of heigth, hopefully sex will show quickly, so’s I can weed out the garden !



Day 7 of flowering and I believe my Northern light is a male ? Pulled from grow room and isolated. May want to harvest the pollen. Thoughts and suggestions, please !


Yes, that’s a male, sorry.


Thank you ! makes it a lot clearer on what to look for in sexting plants. I do appreciate your input !


You’re welcome.