Pics in the sun of in door grow

I took my girl outside under a canopy. Just some pics


How old is she?

The mother was planted April 1st. Clone to indoor. Changed light cycle after 35 days.

Clone rooted after 5 days. With clone tech. Clone outside next to mother in a mini greenhouse. Looks like this.

this was 5 days after clone tech

And it was very hot out.

So clone indoor 55 days old.

If u don’t mind my asking, what is clone tech? I’ve had great success using honey and jiffys and then just placing them straight outside. One other thing, the pot she’s in looks a lil on the small side, I’d recommend a transplant

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Man she looks damn good that lush deep green color , but have you consider transplanting to a 5 -7 gallon smart pot ?

I do this to keep them small. I have had luck outside with these bags. Getting 3 + ounces in a 26 inch clone . Clone tech is cloning gel. It just speeds up the process.

Ive had a1 inch by 1nch nug weigh 2.3 grams . Thats alot. I do thisnto keep my maintenance down and quality way up. Small tight plants.

And i scrub nutrients. I do every 3erd watering half dose.

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Well ur not doing anything wrong, that’s for sure. 3 oz from about 3 gal of soil sounds good to me, my last plant about tht size only gave me 1.5, but then again I didn’t give it any Nutes for flower like a dumbass. Oh and I use honey in place of cloning gel, it works for me, so far 3/3 survival rate.