Pics from todays aquaponic harvest


1st 2 pics are from an unknown strain bag seed. I like the way this came out. Everything on this post harvested at 9 weeks.

I absolutely love how this strain came out this time. CBD Therapy from CBD Crew. Cant wait to take pics of trimmed/ dry buds.

Not too happy with how the green alien came out this time. Usually puts on way more mass. At least i can separate those trichome heads for some beautiful hash.


Nice job looks very tasty


Nice. Can’t wait for my little one to grow. The last plants I did the buds were so good.


She went into the jars on july 6th and was harvested 9 days prior. Green alien. This one came out pretty good.

Big ole fat seed starin’ me dead in the face like “you !@#$ed up somewhere g”

Still came out good though


My best tasting, mildest smoke, strongest couch lock has about 3 mature seeds per big bud: from a WW clone that went hermi on me. This was the only other plant, thank goodness.

Gorgeous looking stuff! Did you get a weight on the yield?


Looks sooooooo good.


Dude I have got to try me some of that great looking green alien you got that’s so awesome hope all is well my friend


@Myfriendis410 now that you mention it this run has definitely got a much stronger couchlock effect than normal.
@Givemefire I absolutely adore the flavor man it is great.
@Hogmaster man i wish we could share in a sesh brotha. That would be dope


That is some purty budz…