Picking a mother plant

Hello I’m not a first time grower but I’m doing right for the Hirst time though. Well trying anyways. I’ve got my first bunch about to switch over to flower and there lies my question. I’m trying to pick a mother plant but I’m not sure how to tell if it’s not a male before going into flower? I was told once they go to flower cloning is harder to achieve. I have two strains growing Gods Gift and Gorilla Glue.


Do you have a different location that you could put on 12 hour light schedule? As long as plants are mature enough to flower, you can take a cutting from each and toss in a cup of ph’d water. They will survive long enough to show sex, probably 7-10 days. All you would have to do is keep each cutting labeled to associate it with it’s mother.


Damn that’s clever as hell there. Yeah I can use the cabinet I built for the mother plant to do that. Ican control climate and daytime both inside that. I appreciate you taking the time to help a feller out.2020-01-16-01-37-06-796|375x500


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That sux none are showing pre sex yet and just make it easy for ya… lol good for you doing it right this time… hydro and scrog huh? Your all in man… ya sexing them like D said is how ya can do just that. What kinda light set up are ya running and is it just 6 or do you have another 6 …lol hey I wish you the best of luck and stick around with all your other “just curious” questions. Throw up plenty of pics (in regular light) and welcome to the forum hombre!!!

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